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While coming to terms with my own self esteem, body dysmorphia, weak spots in my marriage, I realized that my "assignment" was to be for other women what I didn't have. I wanted to help women heal, find their courage, their voice. I wondered why God would chose me for this but as I began coaching women and found that so many of us struggle in the same areas. This is how Dear Pink Sisters Coaching for Survivors & Co- Survivors and Sis, Let's Talk Personal Coaching for women to have  safe space to speak the unspeakable, came to be. 

Throughout the years I’ve been called by many titles - Daughter, Soldier, Single Mom, Wife,  New Mom over 40,  Entrepreneur, Ghostwriter, Homeschooler, Coach and my favorite is Mimi (I am a new Grandmother). All of those titles have shaped me into who I am. I didn’t include some of the other things I’ve been called but those shaped me too… But wait, a major turning point forced me to face and accept another title ~   Warrior

                     Over the past 5 years (because you don’t want my Whole life story) there have been events that have taken my breath away. You know those moments that  cause you to pause & wonder, “why is this happening?” I spent a lot of time asking God questions like, “Really, you think I pass this test?” or in my Cardi B voice, “What is the Reason?!?” or “How am I going to make it through?”


In September 2017, I was diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer. Could this have happened at any other time? I had spent the previous year facing eviction, fighting for my inheritance that was wrongly withheld for 20 years, literally. I was trying to keep my marriage from crumbling under the weight of stress all while smiling through depression and fear. I was "Pressing on" raising my children and working my home based coaching/ghostwriting business. 

                  I thought since the inheritance victory was won, it would be smooth sailing from here. My husband & I could reconnect since we weren’t so stressed about finances. I had a new excitement for homeschooling my 4 kiddos with the plans of travel, activities around Atlanta, and furthering my business. Freedom to do it my way. 

That was far from reality.

This diagnosis was the Shock that would send me on a journey that I couldn’t turn back from. 

Breast Cancer was the catalyst that forced me to face traumas that I could not imagine would happen to me. You know the things that people respond with “Sis, You are so strong” because they don’t have a clue what to say. This life altering event also uncovered past traumas that had gone unhealed. 

In my brokenness, I learned so much about myself. I wasn't honoring myself. I didn't know how to express what I needed from myself or others to feel loved, seen, validated, appreciated. I knew I had to start within myself, learn how to love and empower myself. Sis, it begins within.

As physically and emotionally painful as that journey has been, it forced me to face all that I've survived. An emotionally unavailable mom, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Emotional Abandonment, Depression. All the things that I was taught to never discuss. I decided to Heal, that is where the work is. Healing hurts, the becoming is beautiful. 


Pushed to Become More

Self Love • Heal • Grow • Overcome • Become 

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