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Dear Pink Sister

How are you? I mean really? How are you? It seems like such a simple question.

There are few events in life that will take your breath away; the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one (especially if it was unexpected or tragic) but nothing compares to hearing the words, "you have breast cancer."



Then we want to soften the news for our family. I know I wanted to make my diagnosis, "easier" for them. Their response is to hug cancer away, love it away or pink ribbon it away. 

Everything becomes a whirlwind of appointments, tests, treatments, surgeries. All done through Scared yet outwardly brave smiles and puffy, tear filled eyes. Hanging on to Faith all the way wearing our Warrior T-shirt.


Sis, if I had a dime for how many times I heard, 

 Everything seems to take a pause.

What life lesson can prepare you to question your mortality or consider amputation of a body part?

Its truly a WTH moment that you live over and over again for months drawn into years. Breast Cancer can feel like a lifetime Bully. And unless you know, you don't know, not really. Our brains are instantly and forever changed when we hear those words. 

But I am preaching to the choir aren't  I ?

"You Are So Strong"

"You're getting a boob job and tummy tuck for free.'

"You don't look like you been through anything"

"Oh Yea, my aunt died from cancer, At least you didn't die," 

"I understand what you are going through,"
 said the person who never had cancer.

The journey as we Warriors call it, can be lonely. Even in a room filled with family, friends and loved ones that want to help. So very often, we're asked, "What do you need?" or "what can I do?" but we don't really know ourselves. We smile & are grateful to still be here. 

"But really, how are you?"

But when you're alone with your thoughts or staring in the mirror at the scars you had no choice in, wondering "how am I going to...?", "will I ever feel...?" "why did I have to go through this?". Who can help sort out all of these feelings of:


No matter where you are in the journey,

Your Emotional Awareness is Extremely Important in Your Total Healing.


Dear Pink Sisters Coaching, using Emotion Freedom Technique known as "tapping"

along with the BECOME method to help you conquer and heal  the

invisible scars left behind - the scars that changed your brain forever. 

I can support you. I can help you. I can ask you,

                                                              "Sis really, how are you?"

With Love, 








Can you relate?


2021 Grants Awarded to the
Founder of Dear Pink Sisters Coaching Services 


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